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Lois Ruby welcome!
You may be wondering...why the pig? Pigs are very intelligent animals, and I’m sure that if someone handed a nice, hefty sow one of my books, she’d devour it and share it with her friends in the mud pile. I think you’d like one of these books too, because you’re just as smart as a pig, right? So, read, enjoy, share, and stay in touch with me! Cheers!
Your Friend, Lois

what's new?
  My newest book, Rebel Spirits, is in your book fairs now! It’s a heart-pounding romance about a contemporary girl, Lori, who falls crazy-in-love with Nathaniel, a soldier in the Battle of Gettysburg. Can this long-distance romance survive? By long-distance, I mean 150 years. Also, there’s one little problem about their happily-ever-after: she’s alive, and he’s a ghost.

Oh, and if you like scary stories, watch for a new book next year called The Doll Graveyard, about a bunch of porcelain dolls who cause much more than mere mischief in the lives of Shelby and Brian. These dolls seem cute and innocent, but they’re pure evil, and desperate for serious revenge.

Those of you thinking about Common Core Curriculum resources, check out my first (and probably last) non-fiction book, Strike! Mother Jones and the Colorado Coal Field War. Mary Harris "Mother" Jones was a cantankerous, woman who spoke up for laborers of every stripe - coal miners, bottle washers, railroaders workers, and children laboring long, dangerous hours in mines and mills. She was 93 at her 100th birthday (Figure that one out!). Crisscrossing the country for half a century, Mother Jones said, "My shoes are my home. I follow where they lead me." She said a lot of things unbefitting a lady, too. Wait ’til you meet her!