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I would love to visit your school! Here's how to contact me:

8223 Grape View Ct. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87122

What can you expect from a visit to your school? I will . . .

  • work with students from fourth grade and up
  • work with students in a public or private school or synagogue
  • meet with up to four groups in a day, any size and combination
  • chat with groups about what authors do in general, and about my books in particular
  • tailor my presentation to the age of the audience, e.g., I won’t talk about my skinhead book with students below 8th grade unless invited to do so
  • offer creative writing workshops for general classes or selected writers
  • promise a fast-paced, interactive, fun, content-filled session
What about adult groups? Sure! I will . . .
  • offer creative writing for teachers, parents, and serious writers
  • speak at teacher/librarian meetings, as a keynoter or a workshop leader. (Topics include various writing projects, weaving intermediate and young adult fiction into curriculum, and "Choosing Your Battles: How to Deal with Censorship in Schools and Libraries.")
What do I expect from you? That you will . . .
  • prepare students for my visit by sharing at least part of one of my books. (The more, the merrier. Doing projects on the books -- even better!)
  • provide a suitable, quiet venue with any necessary equipment (minimal)
  • provide an opportunity for people to buy books, if appropriate
What about costs?
  • For schools, libraries, and conferences in Kansas and Missouri, $700 per day plus lodging, meals, and transportation from/to my "home-away-from home" in Wichita.
  • For all other schools, libraries, and conferences, $700 per day plus lodging, meals, and transportation from/to my actual home in Albuquerque.
  • For schools, libraries, and conferences in the Albuquerque area, partial days are possible. Contact me for arrangements and fees.

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